Who are we?

Who is Talenteum?

Talenteum connects European and African talent with companies looking to enrich their teams with the best teleworking employees.

We have more than 200 collaborators who put their talent at the disposal of our clients full-time (40 hours per week), and which are located in a multitude of countries in Africa and Europe.

They work in nearly 25 disciplines, ranging from computer science to accounting, medical and administrative.

We grow rapidly as our clients’ demands are numerous, and grow faster than the number of talented collaborators we integrate daily.

We also distinguish ourselves by our approach to the type of collaboration we establish with our Clients. Our employees work only on a long-term basis. This is how they become permanently involved and adopt the values of the company they join, despite the distance that separates them.

In addition to offering long-term missions, we are committed to provide the best compensation to our collaborators. Thus, we recruit only the best who are well-paid and who are comfortable to project themselves in the long term for the company for which they work.

We exclude principals who try to pay as little as possible and who have a temporary work vision.

Where is Talenteum located?

Talenteum is headquartered in the Indian Ocean. We operate in 100% remote mode. However, we have offices in several countries, either directly or through a local partnership. Like Mauritius, Madagascar, the Ivory Coast …Nevertheless, the Talents that we make available to our Clients are located in many more countries and work remotely, from where they are most effective: in a webcafe, at home, in a business center…

In what year was Talenteum created?

Talenteum was established in July 2015.

Nicolas Goldstein


John Benatouil


Laetitia Soro

Marketing – Head of Growth

Charlene Pia

Talent Manager Africa

In addition, we provide our candidates, collaborators and consultants with an enriching career path, which is synonymous with multiple functional environments in their countries of origin and internationally. Apply at TALENTEUM, it’s already progressing!

TALENTEUM provides its clients with multilingual qualified staff in 25 fields.

We are of French origin, and located in developing countries, such as Mauritius, where employees are motivated, qualified and speak at least two languages, French and English

We carry out our job with passion in two ways :


we recruit staff in paid port and make it available to our clients, telecommuting from our premises or from their homes;

International Mobility

We send our consultants to realize their services abroad, directly to our customers.

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Telephone France: +33 1 70 70 24 77

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