Who is Talenteum?

Talenteum connects European and African talent with companies looking to enrich their teams with the best teleworking employees.

We have more than 200 collaborators who put their talent at the disposal of our clients full-time (40 hours per week), and which are located in a multitude of countries in Africa and Europe.

They work in nearly 25 disciplines, ranging from computer science to accounting, medical and administrative.

We grow rapidly as our clients’ demands are numerous, and grow faster than the number of talented collaborators we integrate daily.

We also distinguish ourselves by our approach to the type of collaboration we establish with our Clients. Our employees work only on a long-term basis. This is how they become permanently involved and adopt the values of the company they join, despite the distance that separates them.

In addition to offering long-term missions, we are committed to provide the best compensation to our collaborators. Thus, we recruit only the best who are well-paid and who are comfortable to project themselves in the long term for the company for which they work.

We exclude principals who try to pay as little as possible and who have a temporary work vision.

Where is Talenteum located?

Talenteum is headquartered in the Indian Ocean. We operate in 100% remote mode. However, we have offices in several countries, either directly or through a local partnership. Like Mauritius, Madagascar, the Ivory Coast …Nevertheless, the Talents that we make available to our Clients are located in many more countries and work remotely, from where they are most effective: in a webcafe, at home, in a business center…

In what year was Talenteum created?

Talenteum was established in July 2015.

can you pay such high salaries to your employees? Is this model sustainable?

Talenteum only recruits talented employees.

Talenteum’s Customers seek only the best collaborators and are willing to pay accordingly.

In addition, Talenteum Customers are located in countries different from these employees, in countries where the cost of labor is generally high and where it is difficult to find high-quality collaborators. So a fortiori, they are willing to accept high remunerations.

In addition, Talenteum’s functioning is highly virtualized, thanks to pro-active processes and our culture of remote working (versus face-to-face).

So our structural costs are lower than in a traditional business. We are more competitive and we directly benefit our Customers. The economy is helping them to finance higher wages to attract the best and ensure their long-term loyalty.

How are you different from a job search site?

We are neither a recruitment site nor a freelance site.

A traditional recruitment site is aimed at the local market, enabling a company to recruit an employee who will work on the premises of the company.

Moreover, a recruitment site is a simple intermediary between candidates and offers of employment.

The difference with Talenteum is that we carefully select and recruit talented employees working remotely especially from Africa for mostly European companies.

We are not a freelance site.

Indeed, we favor long missions, accompanied by a strong adherence of the employee to the values of the company for which he works remotely. We prefer long-term outsourcing.

Talenteum collaborator integrates fully with the company. He is part of his team.

It does not intervene to carry out given tasks, but rather to collaborate in the long term.

We are convinced that the best talents created more value by becoming involved in the long term, rather than working on a multitude of small contracts, short durations, or on part-time assignments. This approach allows him to considerably reduce the time lost in seeking new contracts.

It’s better for the company, and it’s also better for their careers.

Are you present on social networks?

Yes, Talenteum is present on most social networks. You can consult our pages on the following links:

For what types of businesses will I work for?

Our clients are large companies or companies with high potential, often of European origin, who wish to permanently enrich their teams with talents located elsewhere in the world, and working remotely.

What types of positions do you offer?

We offer positions in 25 disciplines, from computer science to medical, accounting and legal. The role can be of different nature according to the experience of our collaborator and the needs of our Clients.

What are the most important customer requests?

  • Our Clients’ requests span across the 25 disciplines that make up the Talenteum collaborators’ community.

The most requested functions are:


– Corporate Finance and Accounting:

o Supplier accountant (2 to 5 years of experience);

o Accounting help (even beginner).


– Information systems and IT:

o HTML integrator (3 to 5 years of experience);

o Database manager (even beginner, or better with 3 years of experience);


– Digital:

o SEO Manager (5 to 10 years of experience);

o Data Scientist (0 to 3 years experience);

o Head Social Media (3 to 5 years of experience);

o Web project manager (0 to 3 years of experience).


– Legal, tax and human resources:

o Corporate / corporate lawyer (3 to 6 years of experience);

o Tax manager (more than 6 years of experience).


– Specialized assistance:

o Recovery officer (0 to 3 years of experience);

o Management Assistant (3 to 7 years of experience);

o Sales Administration Assistant (3 to 7 years of experience);

o General Service Assistant (3 to 7 years of experience);

o Logistics Assistant (English speaking, 0 to 3 years experience): 23,000 – 25,000 euros (+ 3%)

What are my advantages when working with Talenteum?

We have listed below the advantages most often cited by our collaborators:

• Receive much higher remuneration than the national average (see below "How much can I earn at Talenteum?");
• Be able to choose one's own salary;
• Have Talenteum as a trusted third party to cover the risk of unpaid;
• Working remotely, from home or abroad, for an international company;
• Receive commissions on the intervention of Talenteum collaborators who have been co-opted on the detected customer requests (see below "How much can I earn at Talenteum?");
• Intervene in various sectors;
• Become part of a full-fledged team, in a sustainable way, rather than acting on short-term assignments as an independent contractor;
• Save time by reducing daily commuting time;
• Participate in safeguarding the planet, limiting the number of trips;
• Save time to spend on hobbies and / or family;
• Be part of the Talenteum community, present on several continents, and benefit from the wealth of cultural differences that make it up.

How much can I earn at Talenteum

 At Talenteum, your compensation has no potential limit.

Indeed, by becoming a member of the Talenteum community, you gain access to no less than 4 financial prerogatives:


1) The opportunity to work for a Talenteum Client, and of course be paid for it;

2) The possibility of collecting commissions when you co-opt new Talenteum members who intervene on a service invoiced to a Client;

3) The ability to earn commissions when you detect a Customer need that you refer to in the Customer Request List, and that this requirement results in a service invoiced by Talenteum;

4) The possibility of collecting royalties on cooptations and referencing Clients, which the members you have co-opted have realized, resulting in a service invoiced by Talenteum.


All compensation listed above is cumulative.

They make you earn very well your life, and accumulate varied and exhilarating roles

What is the average duration of a Talenteum service?

Talenteum focuses on long-term benefits.

The contract originally agreed between Talenteum and a Customer varies from 3 months to one year.

However, this initial term is generally renewed tacitly and the average duration of benefit is rather of the order of 3 years.

How is my career managed?

As Talenteum approaches the end of a Customer contract, it determines which career paths are best suited to the direction of your career, and suggests that you intervene for a new Client whose expectation is consistent with the achievement of this direction.

How is recruitment process done at Talenteum?

Talenteum has put in place a rigorous recruitment process, both fast and efficient.

The candidate needs to create an account on the Talenteum platform, submit his CV and a cover letter, possible participation in selection tests, and interview with the Talenteum HR team.


Under this process, once you are selected, you become a member of the Talenteum global network and you have the possibility to work for a Talenteum Client

I applied to Talenteum but I have not yet received an answer. Is this normal?

At Talenteum, we answer all our candidates.

Our answers can be made by different means, by e-mail, by telephone, by skype, or by mail.

This may take a little time but we are recognized as being reactive.

If you feel that we are slow to send you an answer, please send an e-mail recruitment@talenteum.com with all your contact information, date and position for which you have applied.

I applied for a position at Talenteum. If I am selected, will I work for Talenteum or for a client company?

In any case, you will work for Talenteum. Depending on the offer that has attracted your attention, you will work either internally within a Talenteum Department or for a Talenteum Client.

What is certain is that this point will be clearly explained to you during your selection.

On average, how long is the hiring process at Talenteum?

The selection process is rather fast. It usually lasts a few days.

Once integrated into the Talenteum community, the time between your integration and the start of your intervention for a Client can vary, from immediately to a few weeks … rarely more.

How am I paid, and how often?

Payments are made via our secure payment and online payment solution.

Once your account is created, you are settled at the end of each month.

You can choose to receive your payment on your bank account or on a debit card (subject to conditions).

What is my status when working with Talenteum

Depending on where you reside, we can propose up to two different statuses: – The status of “self-employed”; – The status of “Scope Salary”. This status is only possible where Talenteum has an office or approved partner, which provides a Wage Portage service.

Will there be deductions from my earnings for the payment of taxes on my behalf?

. It depends on your status:

As an “independent worker” we do not make any deductions. You are responsible for your social, accounting and tax declarations, according to the regulations in force in your country of residence;

As a “Wage Scope”: we must apply the same withholding tax as for a typical employee

What are my work schedules?

Our work schedules are those that you have indicated in your Preferences and that the Customer has validated with you in the job specification. 

What is the leave policy?

Leave is to be arranged with the Client. The Talenteum Support team is there to help you.

It is important to anticipate this subject and not to put the Client before the fait accompli.

Can I keep my current position and intervene as Talenteum collaborator also?

 It is not impossible. If the Client agrees, you may intervene on a part-time basis. 

You can specify this option in your Preferences.

However, this should not be in contradiction with your commitments vis-à-vis your other client, nor with the legislation from where you reside.