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The AfricArena conference was held from Monday 6th November to Tuesday 7th November in Cape Town.

AfricArena is positioning itself as an international conference of African technology.

The conference had as objectives:

  • Explore new global technology trends,
  • Discover the best African innovators in the industry,
  • Promote the most disruptive pioneers around the world.

AfricArena: the concept

AfricArena 2017 is a bridge between the pillars of international technology and African technological innovators.

This platform brings together the robust technological ecosystems of international players and the developing infrastructure of adaptable African pioneers.

The organisers of AfricArena want to create a Silicon Cape in partnership with the French Tech Cape Town. This ecosystem will include investors, venture capitalists, startups, entrepreneurs and all industry leaders. In addition, the conference offers an invaluable opportunity to learn and be inspired by the best. Indeed, it is the links established between idea makers and financial gurus that will forge continued success across Africa.


The Talenteum team participated in the AfricArena 2017

Talenteum was present at the conference and took the opportunity to launch its the beta version of its platform. Indeed, the platform connects the talents of Mauritius, Madagascar and other African countries with principals. In addition, Talenteum handles the wage portage, the development of talents and the good progress of missions.


Presentation of the beta version of the Talenteum platform 

According to Nicolas Goldstein, co-founder of Talenteum, the conference was a real success. Thus, he was able to realise that the market was very receptive to the innovation proposed by Talenteum. Note that the startup proudly represented the French Tech Mauritius at this conference.

Nicolas Goldstein, Co-Founder of Talenteum